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About Me

I'm a college freshman studying Computer Science at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. I've been programming since 8th grade, and dove into Web Design during my high school years. I enjoy all aspects of computing, but I also have interests in sports such as Soccer and Water Polo. I'm a native of Seattle, and hope to someday return to the Pacific Northwest. This website serves as a portfolio and showcase of past and present projects. Have a look around, and feel free to drop me an email at ian@centasm.net if you have any questions or comments!


I've been developing websites for five years. I've made websites for a variety of small businesses, writers, non-profit organizations, and completely redesigned my high school's website. I've also worked as a Junior Software Design Engineer in Testing at Wizards of the Coast for two summers during my high school career. For a more complete list of my experience and skills, please view my resume.


If you're interested in a website design or a development project, please contact me at ian@centasm.net. Prices for projects will vary depending on the level of effort involved, and can be negotiated for each project. Simple static websites can take as little as 10 hours, while dynamic webpages with more complex development requirements and can require up to 40 hours. Each project is unique though, and I encourage you to contact me to get a more accurate estimate for your individual needs.

My hourly rate is slightly less than the National Debt, but I think you'll find the price well worth it.